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This medical illustrator's image of a Black foetus has sparked a vital conversation about racial diversity within medicine

An image of a Black foetus in the womb by medical student and illustrator Chidiebere Ibe is being praised for sparking much-needed conversations about racial diversity within medicine and beyond.

The illustration — which shows a Black foetus in the womb — has gone viral on social media, with many pointing out this is shockingly the first time they have ever seen an image like this.

A Tweet by @Liyahsworld_xo that reads, “I’ve literally never seen a black foetus illustrated, ever. This is amazing @ebereillustrate” brought attention to the illustration, and now has over 50 thousand retweets and 329 thousand likes.

Ibe's own Tweet has over 5,000 likes, in which he shared his illustration alongside these words: “I'm black and black is beautiful! Diversity in Medical Illustration More of this should be encouraged!”

He also included a link to his GoFundMe page, where donations will help to support the student's medical illustration work and his dream to become a paediatric neurosurgeon.

Hundreds of Tweets have flooded the social media platform, hailing the student's incredible work, and noting how important it is for racial diversity within the medical field, and society as a whole.

“When you're so used to not being represented that you gasp when you are. I've never seen a Black person in a medical illustration. I've never seen a book featuring a Black foetus and mother. Thank you @ebereillustrate," said @ChellaRamanan.

"Thank you for this @ebereillustrate. Being pregnant, I’ve become aware of the lack of representation of black pregnancies on apps and many social media pages. It’s sad this is the first time I’ve seen an illustration of a black foetus. Representation matters," added @EducatedMindsUK.

Many also pointed out that they had not seen any type of diversity within biology books when in school and beyond, which is something that needs to change.

You can donate to Ibe's GoFundMe page now to support his illustrations and wider work in the medical field.

This was originally published on Glamour UK.

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