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How to compliment your blue hair with your waredrobe

Scrolled through your IG feed lately?  If the answer is yes, we’re willing to bet that you’ve probably seen girls sporting vibrant hues of pink, purple and even blue in their hair.

The tricky part about having blue hair is that you have to work double-time to ensure that your wardrobe compliments your hair and reflects your personal style. The trick is to not play it safe. The easy way out would be to wear your neutral and monochrome colours – throwing on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. And why take the easy route, when you can be bold and daring!

Here is a guide to choosing the correct colours for styling your spring wardrobe with your bold blue hair…

Ethereal & Romantic

Offset your edgy hair by pairing it with romantic pieces, like this white top. To create an even bolder (but still romantic) statement, opt for a contrasting-complimentary colour like pink.

How to style your blue hair with a romantic twist, Image: Pexels

Quirky & Creative

Colours like orange and mustard, appear directly opposite to blue on the colour wheel, so kick your look into high gear by donning a contrasting hue to intensify the appearance of your new blue ‘do. Grounding your look by pairing your top with a clean white sneaker and dark jeans, to break up the colour, is always a DO for a day out on the streets.

Keep a colour wheen at hand to create a cute, quirky and creative outfit bringing out your blue hair, Image: Pexels

Cool & Cute

Wanna give off cool girl swag? Then, pair your cerulean hair with a pop of red violet and/ or mustard. If you’re heading to a flea market or running errands at the supermarket, then throw on a red and navy checkered top, a cute summer dress and statement sunnies to round off your outfit of the day. The red or mustard in your clothing will bring out the grey and platinum undertones of your blue-hued hair.

How to look cute and cool with your blue hair being your statement accessory, Image: Pexels

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