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Summer hair care tips for natural hair

Image: Unsplash
Image: Unsplash

You must make sure that your natural hair stays protected and healthy at all times, here’s how:

Hot and humid times

During the hot and humid season, it’s best to use light products on your hair. They help reduce build-up. You can use the Vatika Afro Naturals Curl Defining Creme.

Hot and wet days

It rains a lot in summer, and water tends to cause shrinkage on natural hair. To use it to your advantage, apply essential oil. They work as sealants to trap moisture. Try the ORS Black castor oil.

Rain and braids

Braids are easy to maintain, but they become problematic when they get rained on and are not dried properly or treated with the right spray. Long & Lasting braid and lock spray is good for braids, especially after you have dried them off or just for maintenance.

Hair wash

During summer, natural hair is exposed to a lot of things, including sweat. That is why wash day is important. Use a sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner to make sure your hair stays hydrated.

Pro Tip: Always cover your hair with a silk bonnet when going to bed. This will help seal in the moisture.

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