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7 tips to DIY your way to a walk-in closet

Some people are all about that life. You know, the soft one. For those who cannot really afford that lifestyle, faking it seems to be the route to go.

This no longer needs to be the case when glamming up your wardrobe space is budget-friendly.

Here are a few tips to DIY your way to a walk in closet.

Room dividers

First things first… Purchase, or make, a room divider! This is an essential component of DIYing your way towards a self-made walk-in closet.

Purchase a divider in any material of your choice. Brick, wood, and glass are good options in this case. Brick gives it a more permanent feeling and also could fit in perfectly with your brick walls. A bonus is that it isn’t easily movable.

Although wood has a temporary vibe but could give the space a lighter feeling. Glass is a great selection if you wish to add space to a tiny area. It creates openness.

Alternatively, make use of a curtain if you are tight on finances! These can be changed frequently, being an accessory to fit the current theme of your bedroom by abiding by the colour scheme. This creates an airy vibe.

Room dividers are the best way to expand your wardrobe and transform it into a walk-in closet, separating the area from the rest of your bedroom.

Style tips

Your closet could blend in with the theme of your bedroom, or you can establish an aesthetic that is exclusive to this particular area, adding to the illusion of complete separation.

Accessorise with these items below:


You can never go wrong with these since they come in a various material and a variety of shapes and textures. Rugs are perfect for flooring. It adds warmth to the atmosphere.


Including a mirror goes without saying, but including a large one should be the selection! Not only would it be perfect to see entire outfits, but it also generates openness, thereby adding space.


Since this area exists as a separate space, it requires exclusive lighting. To add to the aesthetic, purchase a lamp or small bulbs- in additional to the primary one- in colours that fit into the theme. Fairy lights are an option to consider as well.

Wall shelves

Wall shelves are a great idea for additional ornamental objects or accessories. If your hooks are on your room divider, place these on your existing wall(s).

Makeshift essentials

If on a tight budget or hindered by a limitation of space, create or invest in or portable/moveable items. These include:

  • Rails to hang coats and dresses
  • Hooks on wall to store smaller pieces such as belts, scarves, and hats
  • Foldable cute table to create an island

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