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Fans react to the explosive Real Housewives of Cape Town reunion

A lot went down at the Real Housewives of Cape Town reunion. After a drama-packed season, the ladies had a chance to put their issues to bed, but true to form, they were in fighting spirits. It all came to a boiling point for Thato, who was bullied all season and had her business attacked by the likes of Camilla ‘Queen of Constantia’, and her sidekicks.

The Thato Wines owner went off on the ladies, screaming profanities and dragging them for filth. Rooksy also made a lasting impression after she was confronted by Camilla for “snooping” around in her house - but Rooksy held her own, and a war of words broke out, to say the least.

Here’s how fans are reacting to the chaos that broke out at the Real Housewives of Cape Town reunion.

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