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The most irresistible zodiac signs, ranked

While everybody has their own charm, in the stakes of the sexiest zodiac signs, some signs score higher and others can strike out easily. Some are cosmically blessed with the gift of the gab and others shoot themselves in the foot when trying to shoot their shot. If you are looking to find out which camp you fall under, here’s the ranking of the sexiest zodiac signs:


Shrouded in an alluring aura of mystery, it comes as little surprise that Scorpio leads the pack in the sexy stakes. Knowing just how far to push someone before drawing them back in, Scorpio is a fluent native in the language of flirtation.


The librarian and the temptress… credit it to their dual personalities if you will, but a Gemini is something of the whole package, morphing from coquettish shy to the sexy siren in the bat of an eyelid.


Love ‘em, hate ‘em or hate to love ‘em, there is just no ignoring a Leo. Born to thrive under the spotlight, it is impossible not to take notice of this fiery sign once they walk into a room—and make you wish you were the one walking out of it on their arm.


Life is a journey for the nomads of the zodiac and if you are lucky, they might just take you along for the ride. While Sagittarians aren’t known to plant roots easily, you’ll at least have some fun stories to share the morning after.


Yes, they might leave you on read but they will also blurt out their feelings without inhibition, so expect the unexpected when courting an impulsive Aries—just don’t expect to be tenderly spooned to sleep every night.


Not many people can get away with a cheesy pick-up line but it’s hard not to fall for the charms of a dreamy Pisces. Uncannily intuitive about their feelings, they do not give up easily once they have set their sights on someone.

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Intimacy isn’t just about the physical for this sign—if long, tender talks about deep-rooted feelings after a lifetime of chasing after emotionally unavailable partners turn you on, you will want to slide into the DMs of the first Cancer on your friend list.


This sign’s innate need for harmony and balance means they do not like to rush the process. If they like someone, a long drawn-out friendship sprinkled with the occasional sexual innuendo is their preferred MO.


Seeking order in a chaotic world, Virgos might not be known particularly for spontaneous weekend trips in Bali. What they do know, however, is to pamper someone with acts of service that make them feel loved and truly cherished.


No one can challenge a Taurean’s authority over all things sensual, however, their quest for the finer pleasures of life doesn’t translate as seamlessly into the love department where they are hopelessly stuck in the confines of their comfort zone.

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This goal-oriented sign does not find much productivity in small talk and light conversion, which means that flirting is not their thing. However, you might find yourself drawn to their steadfast, loyal nature.


Highly introspective and philosophical by nature, Aquarians are loath to say the right thing just to please someone. Little do they know, however, that their ability to speak their mind is a turn-on for the opposite gender, making them an excellent example of the unintentional flirt.

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