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Things to look forward to with Big Brother Titans

The countdown to the latest iteration of the Big Brother franchise, Big Brother Titans, has officially begun. The reality series will see participants from African giants Nigeria and South Africa under one roof.

Hosted by seasoned Biggie incumbents, Nigeria’s Ebuka Obi-Uchendu and South Africa’s Lawrence Maleka, the grand landing of this social reality experiment is likely to break the internet.

While loyal natives in the Big Brother Stan Club are already excited about several things in the loading era, Big Brother Titans will be unlike anything they have seen before. Because of the pioneering format of the looming season of the beloved reality show, fans can expect the unexpected.

"It promises an abundance of South African and Nigerian swag, banter, romance, and everything in between," said executive head of programming for M-Net Channels, Nomsa Philiso.

1. Ships

In many ways, Big Brother is all about relationships. Whether romantic, platonic, friendly or otherwise, every house mate’s fate lies in the way they navigate dynamics in the house. As soon as they have unpacked their suitcases, conversations will begin. So will the passionate glances, curious observations, and playful banter.

2. Hunger Games

All eyes are on the bag. There's the grand prize, the fame that comes with being on the show, the goodies that can be won during the games, and even the epic opportunities available for those who are hungry enough.

The pursuit of the bag leads to brutal moves. Backstabbing, deception, frenemies, and alliances with ulterior motives soon become commonplace.

3. Drama

One thing about Biggie? He will make sure that his house has a positive atmosphere. Good food will be available (for the most part), the parties will be flowing with no bill at the end, and the opportunities for great relationships will be endless.

4. Survival of the Titans

Wager tasks are important for survival in the house. This is where viewers get to see their favourites in action. Their strengths, talents, and weaknesses are laid bare. So will their characters, as they must quickly master the art of working in a group that may or may not have synergy.

5. Evictions

Sundays mark moments of truth and shock in Biggie’s house. For one or more house mates, the journey to the promised land ends. When evicted, their dream of winning the grand cash prize will be instantly squashed.

6. Confessions of the Titans

The first sip can be followed by the first kiss. Followers do not know who made that rule, but the house mates seem eager to abide by this unspoken order. The Saturday night parties remind house mates to treat every day in the house as if it’s their last.

7. Bhut’ Biggie

The fascination with Biggie grows stronger every year. When every new season lands, viewers are reminded of how much we have missed the voice that roars. He schools the house mates with authority because, after all, it’s his house and his rules. But make no mistake, this is the Big Brother we all know and love.

[Via IOL]

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