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All the trending and budget-friendly destinations SA travellers will be visiting in 2022

With all the drama we’ve experienced over the past few years with lockdown and the coronavirus, travellers are hoping 2022 will be the year they can return to their favourite destinations.

Cheapflights reveals the top destinations for South African travellers in 2022.

There are many holiday spots in South African that are affordable and budget-friendly. Cheapflights has categorised the top destinations by four categories: Top Overall Trending, Solo Trips, Under-the-Radar and Wallet-Friendly Zanzibar and the Maldives remain trendy holiday spots

While planning new adventures at the start of the year is a thrill, finding the right destination can be a challenge.

Trending destinations

Cheapflights has analysed travel searches to identify the biggest destination trends in South African tourism for 2022. The Top Trending Destinations are those that saw the largest rise in searches when compared to pre-pandemic 2019.

The top destination trends were categorised and Top Overall Trending Destinations, Solo Trips, Under-the-Radar and Wallet-Friendly, the data unveils some surprising insights about where South Africans are heading for exploration and leisure this year.

Some of the top spots include Zanzibar in Tanzania and Malé in the Maldives dominate the list, followed by Maputo in Mozambique, Cairo in Egypt and Los Angeles in the US.

Some people enjoy travelling alone, some may even call it ’soul searching’ or just time away from the norm. Therefore, a list of destinations for people travelling alone was conceptualised. Solo travel has seen a surge – and not just for business travellers. In 2022, those looking to travel alone are heading for beach-friendly destinations or noisy and vibrant cities, such as Dubai in the United Arab Emirates and Zanzibar.

Then there are the gems we hardly think about. There are places that may not be the first to come to mind when planning a holiday but should not be missed.

These include Shanghai in China and New Delhi in India, while Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam makes a surprise appearance as well.

Wallet-Friendly Destinations

Affordability is something most of us think about when planning a holiday, especially involving the entire family.

For those hoping to see the world without emptying their wallet, Cheapflights reveals the destinations where the cost of flights and hotels are considerably less than most other places.

Among them are popular cities such as Bangkok in Thailand and Istanbul in Turkey.

As more countries ease travel restrictions for South African travellers, plan that much-needed getaway, whether you’re travelling alone or with family or friends. There’s a variety of amazing places to choose from. What are you waiting for?

This article was originally published on IOL.

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