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10 Signs you should definitely marry him

Marriage is a seriously scary concept – after all, how can you ever be sure that you’ll be happy to spend  the rest of your life  with one other person? Whether or not to marry someone is a seriously scary decision to make, and it’s totally normal to wonder if you’ll ever know the right answer. But, if you’re with someone who makes you feel these ten ways, you can stop wondering (and start wedding planning) – because this is a guy who you could love forever.

1 You feel totally safe in the relationship

You know how in the beginning you were afraid to kick up any fuss because fighting was still too risky? And remember how you thought you always had to look your absolute best, lest he know you are a human woman with lips that are not, in fact, naturally the shade of MAC’s Lady Danger? Any concerns you had about chasing him away are gone. You can say what you want, do what you want and be 100% yourself.

2 You don’t have to wonder if he appreciates you

It’s totally clear that he does. Even though you’ve been together for what feels like forever, he hasn’t stopped saying ‘Thank you.’ He’ll never take for granted anything you do for him and, even though you don’t expect it, he’ll always try to return the favour.

3 You really want to make it work

Even when you’ve gone through an incredibly rough patch, you never once considered breaking it off. No matter what happens, you know that the two of you can work through anything – and neither of you are going anywhere anytime soon.

4 You can’t really imagine what your life would be like without him

He’s become such a big (and important) part of your daily routine, that living without him isn’t something you can comprehend. If he weren’t there, who would you split your starter portion of chips with? Who would you watch the next episode of Date My Family with? Nope, sorry, a life without him makes no sense and you want no part of it, thanks.

5 You’re extremely attracted to him

A physical attraction alone isn’t enough to maintain a lasting relationship. Luckily, you’re attracted to everything about him, from his face to his sense of humour to his intelligence. Just having a conversation with him makes you feel the luuurve.

6 You get the feeling you’ll never run out of things to talk about

You can talk to each other constantly throughout the workday and sit across from each other at the dinner table – you don’t run out of things to say. You want each other to know absolutely everything, from the mundane to the earth-shattering – and both of you want to hear all of it.

7 The sex feels special

Both of you have an equal desire to make the other person feel good. Sex is something you do for fun, but you also feel like it brings the two of you emotionally closer. Something about sex with him is different.

8 Your relationship belongs to you

You will always keep each other’s secrets, and neither of you will share any of your private *drama* with your friends. You have respect for each other and your relationship, and you intend to keep it between the two of you. The decision to marry him is yours and yours alone

9 He never hurts you (and you know he never will)

Yes, you occasionally argue – it would be bizarre if you didn’t – but he’ll never go for any low blows. You fight productively, not to drag each other down. Even when arguing, he has the utmost respect for you. If he would never, ever hurt you, he’s the type of guy you should marry.

10 If he popped the question tomorrow, you know you would say yes

Even if you were scared, even if you weren’t 100% certain, you would say yes because your feelings are strong enough. You could see yourself spending the rest of your life with him – happily ever after.

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