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Amp up your Sunday self-care routine

Add these 5 products to your Sunday Self-Care routine and you’ll feel amazing. Treat yourself. You deserve it!

Aromatherapy aids in helping us relieve stress, improve sleep and more so it’s always a great idea to add it to your at-home self-care routine. We love the Africology Relaxing Aromatherapy Room Spray (R350). It reduces cortisol levels with ingredients like lavender, geranium and Cape Camomile, all known to hold properties that ensure deep relaxation.

Aromatherapy Room Spray

Natural light is always favourable when unwinding is the goal, whether scented or not, the effect of the warm light from candles always leaves you feeling calm. Try the 3 Unscented Pillar Candles at Mrp Home (R129,99), or for something a little more luxurious, go for the Reserve Oudh scented candle at @home (R299).

3 Unscented Pillar Candles

For ultimate spa vibes, the playlist has to be on point. There are so many relaxation playlists on music platforms but we recommend the “1 Hour Relaxing Music for Stress Relief. Soothing Music. Meditation. Sleep Music” or ”Forest Wisdom” by John Ocean, Timo Krantz, Rand Also and more on Spotify. Don’t be surprised if you fall into a beautiful deep sleep.

Give your feet some TLC with the Reflexology Foot Massager Roller from Celluvac, (R495) at Faithful to Nature. It’s made from wood and has acupressure rollers that will work on the pressure points of your feet and boost circulation at the same time. Taking care of your feet benefits the rest of your body so this is a great investment.

Reflexology Foot Massager

Bubbles makes everything feel extra special so we highly recommend you add it to your self-care plans. You’ll adore the Baglietti Prosecco (R235) on A great non-alcoholic alternative is the Mango & Coconut Sparkling Bellini (R51,99) at Woolworths.

Mango & Coconut Sparkling Bellini

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