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Dancer and choreographer Tarryn Alberts reflects on her wellness journey and what it means to “Just Do It”

Leading to Nike Well Festival we chat to Tarryn Alberts a dancer and choreographer who’s talent has transcended beyond our shores. Tarryn began dancing at 9 and managed to transform her life through the art of dance. Having worked with local and international talents she has poured her skills back to her community, paying it forward by starting ‘So Dope Dance Academy’ a dance school for children in her neighbourhood. As one of Nike’s ambassadors Tarryn’s journey is a true testament to the brands’s universal phrase “Just Do It”.

Set to host their first-ever Nike Well Festival in South Africa, Nike is proud to bring Tarryn Alberts on board as one of Nike Well Collective members - her role present a crucial take on wellness and Nike’s aim to shift and bring awareness to mental health. The festival will take place on the 13th of April in Newtown, Johannesburg. Nike will be partnering with industry experts bringing holistic activations accompanied by physical therapy - from movement, mindfulness to rest. The day will be packed with trainers, wellness experts and nutritionists to guide you through your wellness journey.

When do you feel socially connected ?

l always feel amazing when I'm connecting with friends or family, catching up with the people who matter the most to me helps improve my physical and mental health and gives me fuel to keep on moving and doing what I love, just knowing that I have an unwavering support structure is actually the key to anyone's success.

How do you stay fit and how important is exercising as a dancer?

This is super essential to me, to be honest I know that I can be moody some days but I've learnt to manage it and simply through exercise, on some days I can do a 45 minute HIIT workout, and on another I will find myself running for just 20-30 minutes. I am always dancing, so whenever I'm having a tough day, I dance and I release all that bad vibrations out of my body and immediately feel the difference, So I believe any form of exercise can have a positive impact on you, which in-turn can have a positive impact on your life and the way you see your success.

What is you secret in keeping a balanced nutrition?

I really love cooking, I love food and think its so important to have a healthy relationship with what you put in your body, because I'm so active I have to energise my body so I dont crash, I'm not fan of restricted diets and I don't deprive myself of anything too. Food is medicine and we shouldn't see it as the enemy but rather understand that it heals the body in so many ways.

When you find time to reset and re-charge do you add sleep in your routine?

Sleep is not for the weak, but for those who truly love themselves and understand that recharging yourself is what will keep you performing at the highest level in whatever you do at all times. I found it to be quite rough trying to find the balance, as a business owner I will be working around the clock especially when prepping for tour, shows or events, it is mentally challenging which is very exhausting more than being physically fatigued but you have to know when to put your head down and your feet up and rest, play games with your children or family, recover from injury or have short rest periods from work.

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How do you approach mindfulness?

What does that look like, well consider what you are thinking about right now and how you are feeling, the more you tap into your own thoughts the more you may become aware of how you react to stressful situations, reflecting is good and can help you process life each day as it comes. I love doing breathing exercises because this is what calms me especially before going on stage, this process gives me strength and controls my mind before any doubt can set in.

What role do you see brands like Nike playing in promoting holistic wellness for women, and how do you hope to contribute to this mission as part of the Nike Collective?

Immersive wellness experiences are in high demand, people are always finding different ways, bridging self-care and social interactions. Nike Well Collective is definitely here to set the tone as to connecting with real people, I wish to bring my raw talent and movement to inspire our community. We are beyond perfect bodies and the hippie kumba ya but actually this experience will allow you to be yourself, accepted and hopefully change your view on what you thought the concept of "wellness" means to you and how you can now impact your life moving into the future.

What self-care practices do you integrate into your routine, especially during busy or stressful times?

I really love meditation, and this self-care practice is at the top of my list, I always make sure I rest/sleep when I want to so I'm feeling fresh and ready to give my best! Always! I do have a hectic routine leading up to any show or competition but meditation helps me control the way I think and this allows me to control my mind and body so that whenever I'm performing I feel happy and not disappointed or afraid to take on the next experience.

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