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Wet your appetite for great sex with the right plate of food!

Garbage in, garbage out. We’ve all heard the saying before, but what happens to our sex life if we fill our mouths with just the opposite; something a tad healthier? What might “come ”  out then? Now, can a diet honestly have any effect on our sex lives?

“YES! YES! YES!” emphasis Jody C. – Lubrimaxxx health expert and fitness coach, model, foodie fundi and top vegan athlete. “The correct balanced diet effects everything from libido, the bodies natural lubrication, energy levels and stamina. On top of that, it also has an effect on smell and taste. At the risk of sounding a bit graphic, smell and taste play a huge part in our sexual well-being, whether we like to admit it or not. Any ‘funky’ smells and tastes can be a real turn off.”

Diet also contributes to a massive 75% of our bodies physical appearance! Therefore, if you eat well, you will look great and feel good about yourself. This, in turn, gives you a boost in confidence and self-worth. And that again will most certainly increase one’s sex drive.

So, what exactly is a nutritionally balanced diet?

Keep in mind that we’re all different, but there are always three key elements that stand out. The first is to keep it balanced in terms of all three macro groups, including fats, carbs and protein. It’s a 30%, 30%, 30% split, with the remaining 10% allowing for those little pleasures in life that we can indulge in.

Secondly, avoid toxins and hormones. This causes havoc in the body and inhibits proper body function. The problem is that unfortunately this comes from the majority of food people eat during these modern days, even in meat, dairy, processed foods and then refined carbs in margarine, sugars, and not to even mention junk food and takeaways.

Therefore thirdly, and most importantly, keep it fresh, colourful and natural. The more fresh plants you can fit into your diet, the better.

While you are on your journey to a healthy and nutritional diet and still experience symptoms like dryness “down there”, there are some great natural safe products such as Lubrimaxxx personal lubricant – that can assist you. It is made from all-natural products and has been tried and tested significantly without any negative side effects. In fact, it is so safe, you can actually eat it if you’re up for it. Whatever turns you on!

And what about vitamin supplements and similar products?

Again, incredible health comes from balance. Have you ever consumed a high dosage of vitamin B complex? You smell it in your urine afterwards. Overdoing anything, even when it’s ‘healthy’, is simply not good for you. But by following the instructions, a healthy diet and training – remaining consistent with all three, the benefits are incredible.

Sexual well-being isn’t just physical, it’s mental as well. Stay healthy together with your partner and keep communication open on the sexual side of the relationship. For example, be honest if you need more, less and about what you like and don’t. Have fun with it and always remember that quality is way more important than quantity.

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