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Man Candy Monday

Are you in need of your weekly dose of brown sugar? You’ve come to the right place. Our man candy for this week has thee most charming face, the sweetest lips and we won’t even get started on his beautiful big brown eyes. Meet Simba Zingoni.

Originally from Zimbabwe, Simba moved to Cape Town at the very feeble age of 2. Simba speaks a total of 4 languages; English, Shona, Afrikaans and French! Monsieur Zingoni, we definitely wouldn’t mind a few language lessons from you. Not only is Simba ridiculously good looking, he’s ambitious, smart and funny. When we asked him where he see’s himself in the next 5 years, he said he hopes to be studying an MBA in America and also to still maintain his 100% FIFA win record against another one of our man candy’s, Daniel Defty . LOL! Boys and their toys.

Simba recently did a shoot for Sportscene’s internal brand, Greencross and a new up an coming local brand going by the name of Ei8tyThre3. To keep in shape for shoots he keeps his diet in check, “but I guess my trick is the only active virgin I know” he says, Ha! You see what he did there? LOL, funny guy. He’s also an avid tennis player and takes the occasional hike up lions head and every now and then enjoys a round of golf as well. His ideal woman is one who can dish out some quality banter and hold intellectual conversations, and he’s a brave one cause he added, “a little crazy never killed nobody”, we’re not sure he knows how crazy Glam girls can get but its so sexy that he’s up for the challenge.

Simba’s parents have motivated and always pushed him to achieve new heights in everything he participates in. However, “My true inspiration comes from the knowledge and gratitude I have from the privileged circumstances I’ve found myself in- keeps me driven to use all the opportunities I’ve been blessed with” he says. The best advice he could give to male models looking to make it in the industry is “having confidence in your ability and oneself but one must always be mindful of the fine line that exists between confidence and arrogance”.

Simba is represented by TWENTY Model Management

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