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Vitamins, minerals, and dietary components can help boost your mood

Did you know that great things happen every day with mental vitality? The good news is that some vitamins, minerals, and dietary components have been demonstrated to benefit mental health positively.¹

How can vitamins and minerals improve our moods?

The findings of recent studies give convincing evidence that certain dietary variables affect particular biochemical systems and pathways responsible for maintaining mental function.²

It all comes down to the brain. Dietary factors can affect multiple brain processes by regulating neurotransmitter pathways, synaptic transmission, membrane fluidity and signal-transduction pathways.²

Although the body requires at least 30 different vitamins, minerals, and other dietary components, it cannot produce these vitamins, minerals, and other dietary components in sufficient qua¹¹ntities on its own.³

Mood-boosting vitamins, minerals and dietary components

It is said that laughter is good for the soul. If you want to increase your mood, look to vitamins, minerals, and other dietary components that may double as happy hormones.


Omega-3 is an essential fatty acid with many health benefits, including a role in mood disorders. Omega-3s can easily traverse the cell membrane of brain cells and interact with mood-related chemicals within the brain. Additionally, they have anti-inflammatory properties that may help in the relief of mood disorders.⁴


Calcium is well-known to be necessary for strong bones and teeth. However, studies also show it’s vital for mental processes. The element is important for producing and releasing neurotransmitters that carry messages between nerve cells. An imbalance of the mineral may contribute to developing depression.⁵

Vitamin C

Vitamin C has been advo⁴⁵cated for decades for its ability to combat the common cold, boost the immune system, prevent scurvy, strokes, and even prevent and treat some malignancies. The least-known action of vitamin C may be a role in preventing and treating sadness and anxiety.⁶

A deficit in vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, can induce neuronal damage, and adding vitamin C to the diet can improve or reverse the symptoms of anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder.⁶

Vitamin B12

The production of neurons and red blood cells both require the presence of vitamin B12. Severe vitamin B12 deficiencies may lead to paranoia, delusions, memory loss and more, and the body cannot produce vitamin B12. Instead, it must be obtained from diet or dietary supplements.⁷

Vitamin D

Vitamin D deficiency may lead to both medical and psychosocial problems. The body needs Vitamin D at the proper level for it to function as it should. Low vitamin D levels may contribute to an increased risk of depression and seasonal affective disorder.⁸


Zinc is essential for all physiological systems and plays a determinant role in over 300 biological processes.9 According to research, zinc insufficiency is also associated with neuropsychiatric manifestations that can present as altered behaviour and cognition, reduced ability to learn, and depression.⁹

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