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5 Tips to smoother winter skin

5 Tips to smoother winter skinWinter may be fabulous for snuggling up but it’s not so fabulous for your skin. Cold, dry weather can cause skin to flake, chap and redden, and if you don’t take proper care of it, it could cause significant discomfort, too. Follow our tips to simple self-care and show off your smooth, supple skin with pride this season! 

1 Don’t turn up the heat 

While bathing in scalding hot temperatures might seem like the perfect way to spend a cold winter’s night, water that’s too hot could strip away essential oils. Protect your skin by washing in lukewarm water, and keep it soft and glowing. 

2 Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise 

You already know that moisturising keeps your skin from becoming dry and flaky, but did you know that moisturising straight after a bath or shower helps lock in dampness and soften your skin even more? Apply it liberally after every wash, and you’ll soon have skin that’s silky smooth. 

3 Wear sunscreen 

Yes, really. While the winter sun may not be as warm as the summer sun you’re used to, it can still be harmful to your skin over prolonged periods. Apply a light layer of sunscreen to your face as part of your skincare routine, as well as to any other areas that may be exposed during the day and ensure that you’re always fully protected. 

4 Hydrate 

Drinking water in winter is every bit as important as in summer – even more so, as cold weather makes us less likely to hydrate sufficiently. Make sure you still get in your recommended 2L a day, and your skin will reap the benefits. 

5 Exfoliate 

It might seem unnecessary as skin tends to flake naturally in winter, but the more you remove dead skin cells, the more successfully you’ll be able to moisturise problem areas. Make use of exfoliating masks, shower gels and pumice stones, and look forward to revealing gorgeous, satiny-soft skin all season long. 

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