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Get to know the Beauty Awards Judge: LUKE DIVA

We’re days away from Glamour Beauty Awards and announcing our winners and runner-ups. Before we get to that, we decided to sit down with some of our judges to hear more about their experience on being part of the judging panel.


GLAMOUR: What did you enjoy most about being a judge for the Beauty Awards?

LUKE DIVA: I enjoyed the educational aspect that was absorbing insight and information from other beauty enthusiast, so that I can take that information back home with me and then trial-and-error everything that I’ve learnt.

GLAMOUR: How has this experience and exposure to the beauty industry changed your perception about skincare and makeup?

LUKE DIVA: I definitely will be incorporating more local skincare products, not that I haven’t before but that was 10% and now it’s more 80% local brands in my skincare routine.

GLAMOUR: Are there any new steps/products that you’ll be incorporating into your skincare routine going into the future?

LUKE DIVA: I definitely will be wearing eye cream every other day of the week.

GLAMOUR: What are you looking forward to doing this holiday?

LUKE DIVA: Spending time with friends and family I think that’s what the holidays are for.

GLAMOUR: One item on your Christmas wishlist.

LUKE DIVA: I want to restock my Birkenstock collection. So, every December I get a new pair of Birkies for my collection.

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