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The hair products to use for winter protection

While fashion designers are busy dropping new collections, haircare brands are also launching new haircare ranges.

Entrepreneur Simonne Solarsh has launched a hair range for curly hair. The founder of IntrinsiCurly Me was inspired by the hair challenges she faced in her teens. As a person born with curly hair, it was hard for her to find products suitable for her dry curly hair.

“Wavy, curly and coily hair should be celebrated instead of being beaten down and damaged by straightening and relaxing. When you’re always fighting with your natural hair pattern, you’re suppressing your beautiful wild side and who you are. If you were born with natural curls, a curly girl is who you are intrinsically,” explained Solarsh.

She has launched a new range with MagiCURL formulas designed to return moisture to curly hair and enhance its natural curl pattern without weighing it down.

Revlon Realistic Special Feeling has also released a new hair range of Super Soft Activator, and Oil-free Moisturising spray to assist in obtaining healthy conditioned hair and soften and smooth coarse hair. It’s good to use when one is wearing protective hairstyles to help stimulate healthy hair growth and repair any breakage that has happened over time.

Bounce Curl also launched a Defining Butta specifically for type 4 coily hair types. The formulation is packed with natural oils and butters such as Sunflower Oil, Baobab Seed Oil, and Mango Seed Butter to help nourish the hair, improve its lubricity, condition the curls, and minimise fibrer-fibre friction.

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