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ROLL & GO: The latest non-invasive treatment BODYROLL STUDIO you will love

BODYROLL Studio, the latest non-invasive treatment to

take European cities by storm, is available in South Africa.

Owner and instructor Annely Vihmann talks tech.

What is the BODYROLL Studio, and what makes it revolutionary?

It embodies a new generation of fit-tech. The machine features deep-tissue massage rollers set between two padded platforms that roll consistently for the entire session. Infrared therapy makes the Studio revolutionary. The massage not only feels great, but the technology is highly effective at breaking down fatty tissues that lead to cellulite and dimpled skin. BODYROLL uses principles and methods typical of traditional Chinese medicine. It achieves its stimulating effects by massaging the area along the body’s acupuncture meridians and, in doing so, penetrates all parts of the body. A full session lasts 45 minutes, and a 36-minute session targets your lower body, which is ideal after a long day on your feet or if you struggle with cellulite.

What does it do?

BODYROLL is ideal for weight loss, body sculpting, and cellulite reduction. Infrared-heated rollers with adjustable speed settings and heat supply provide acupressure and lymphatic drainage, improving blood and lymph circulation. This accelerates metabolism, reducing fatty tissue and eliminating waste products. Regular usage removes fat, sculpts the body, tightens and smoothens skin and breaks up muscle tightness and fatty tissue.

Who should try it out?

Everyone! A lymphatic treatment is a powerful therapy. We all need lymph drainage to detoxify our organs and speed up our metabolism. Even athletes benefit from reducing muscle tension, calcium build-up, and generally stretching the muscles to enhance performance and resilience. Think of it as a heating, body shaping foam roller. It’s for anyone who cares about health and beauty, inside and out.

What makes it unique, and why should people give it a go?

It’s a one-of-a-kind combination of a full body massage, but you can also target problem areas such as thighs or belly. Even the 45-minute session doesn’t make you sweat. It’s also contactless, which is a bonus in the Covid-19 age we’re currently living in. The session involves 15 different positions for lymphatic massage. The machine pauses every three minutes to give you time to assume the next position. You can also control the pressure yourself.

Why are treatments such as this becoming increasingly popular, especially amongst women?

People are looking for holistic solutions to support beauty, weight loss and emotional health, which are all intertwined. Fit-tech allows you to engage in a targeted, intense regime. Women and men care about their appearance. They want to look younger and feel healthier, and consider the best way to do that to make fitness part of their lifestyle. BODYROLL is an easy addition to anyone’s lifestyle. You feel fantastic after 45 minutes of rolling.

What are the benefits?

  • Speeds up metabolism
  • Reduces fatty tissue
  • Eliminates waste products and toxins in the body
  • Sculpts and shapes the body
  • Firms and tones the skin
  • Breaks up muscle tightness
  • Reduces cellulite

Is there downtime?

The treatment is non-invasive but powerful. Being too aggressive during the first session can leave you feeling sore, but in a good way, as if you’ve done a challenging full-body workout – that’s how you know it’s working.

How many sessions do you need

to have before you see results?

As aforementioned, you’ll feel fantastic after your first session, most noticeably in your mood, physiology and how your body reacts to ejecting toxins. From as early as two to three sessions, you’ll notice changes in your skin; it’ll look healthier and feel smoother. For cellulite treatment, we recommend 10 sessions three times a week. You’ll see great results after 10 sessions. Once you achieve your goals, as with anything, it’s all about maintenance.

For more information, visit , the Studio at 120 Main Road, Sea Point, Cape Town or bodyrollct

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