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Witchery is redefining fashion by putting women first

Witchery recently unveiled their new and improved store at the V&A Waterfront which offers consumers a more elevated shopping experience whilst browsing the latest the brand has to offer. We chat to the team about the design aesthetic as well as their core consumer, the Witchery Woman. With the new season collection in store we unpack what exciting pieces we can expect and 3 influencers and friends of the brand share their must-have items and some styling tips too.

Q: Witchery has a very classic and timeless aesthetic. How do you manage to stay current and on-trend?

A (Zoelva Brewer, Country Road Group, Trading Manager): When we think about Witchery, we think about the unstoppable customers. She’s carefree, bold, not afraid to take risks, and wants to look sophisticated. Aligned with fashion internationally, our design team travels and visits Fashion Week to stay abreast of trends, and our latest collection indicates that. We aspire to position the brand as the ultimate destination for contemporary and refined fashion.

Q: Why was it necessary to redesign your store? What can customers expect from your new store design?

A (Kay Raioo, Country Road Group, Country Manager): We embarked on this transformative journey to create something truly exceptional. I am incredibly proud of our team for exceeding all expectations, resulting in a space that radiates elegance and sophistication – a true embodiment of the brand’s ethos. The new Witchery V&A design is a delicate balance of femininity, warmth, and simplicity, where natural textures, hints of blush, and soft furnishings create a welcoming space for customers to linger and appreciate the product's beauty. The use of digital imagery throughout the space aims to inspire our customers and highlight the uniqueness of our brand, cementing our position as ‘Style Authority’. Stone, Timber, Terrazzo and plush fabrics highlighted by curated lighting design all act as a backdrop for what we want to be a truly revitalized experience.

Q: What are the key pieces for the upcoming season? How have trends guided this?

A (Zoelva Brewer, Country Road Group, Trading Manager): The eagerly awaited May collection, Delicate Confidence is officially here. Drawing inspiration from the essence of luxury, the brand’s designers have curated a collection that radiates cool confidence, placing exceptional fabrications and directional details at the heart of its design ethos. The latest collection introduces oversized and plush proportions, injecting directional design details into everyday wardrobes. Each piece, from enveloping coats to snug knits is meticulously designed to add to a considered wardrobe and be worn for years to come. Intricate stitching and captivating cuts serve as elevated accents, distinguishing this collection as the epitome of refined sophistication.

Highlights include effortlessly chic knit dresses and V-cut knits, perfect for day-to-night transitions. Luxurious, cruelty-free faux fur pieces add opulence, aligning with ethical fashion trends. Essential blazers blend classic sophistication with contemporary style, while sleek wool and timeless trench coats offer warmth and style, embodying functional yet fashionable outerwear. This collection ensures you stay stylish and sophisticated all season.

Q: Can you share the process behind choosing your key influencers to represent your brand?

A (Connie Swartbooi, Senior Marketing Manager): At Witchery South Africa, our influencer selection process is centered on connecting with the values and aspirations of our target audience.. We choose influencers whose persona mirrors our brand narrative and our customers' diverse lifestyles and interests. Our target customer epitomizes ambition and grace as she thrives personally and professionally. Empowered and accomplished, she embodies the timeless essence of femininity, effortlessly navigating life’s complexities with determination and poise.

OMILA: I am a Fashion stylist and content creator, and an online boutique owner, with an economics degree, passionate about fashion, beauty, faith and family. My favourite pieces from the Witchery collection are brown leather long skirts and the fur brown jacket. My styling tip: mixing textures- the leather skirt with a knit sweater and a boot, the Fur coat with a suite 2 piece and layering the fur jacket on as an outerwear.

I appreciate a brand that values issues that affect its community. Witchery has proven with the white shirt campaign that is dedicated to helping fund Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation; that they are not just about the product but consumers as well. Witchery products are impeccable, from the quality to the authenticity of the style, I love how classy and timeless the pieces are; true industry leaders.

Photographer: Pieter de Jager

AREEBA: I would describe myself as a fun-loving, family-orientated girl who adores makeup, wants to see the world and enjoys being silly.

My favourite pieces from the Witchery collection is definitely the Yarn Dye Linen Trouser, a wide trouser is such an easy to style piece, next I would have to go with the High Neck Raglan Blouse, I am a little biased since it’s one the pieces I am wearing on the cover! But it’s such a timeless blouse that can be worn in so many different ways. Lastly, I would say any blazer. A good blazer can effortlessly transform any dull outfit into something lovely. You could wear all 3 of my chosen pieces together and you’ve got yourself a gorgeous outfit!

What stands out for me time and time again is Witchery's effortless blend of sophistication and modernity in every collection. Every time I visit a Witchery store, the quality and attention to detail in each piece always stands out to me. Ensuring that you're investing in something you can wear time and time again.

Most styles I find at Witchery are perfect for the everyday modest girl. The designs and colours seamlessly blend with my current wardrobe, every piece I purchase can be styled in so many different ways to fit my personal aesthetic.

Photographer: Pieter de Jager

JENNA: I am former fashion editor, PR entrepreneur, and shoot producer, current content creator and mom of two.

The new collection has such beautiful chocolate brown pieces that I am loving - a faux fur jacket that I would wear over the brown satin slip midi dress - run a shade of brown from head to toe. Invest in a choc brown double breasted blazer, the proportions are great and will pair beautifully with a brown high neck top and trousers - head to toe in brown is so chic and a new neutral to invest in or Mix it with denim or break it up with black. There are a few structured pieces that I have fallen in love with from this collection too- a structured white bomber, a double breasted blazer coat in wool - the proportions are plush and I would pair these tailored pieces with a relaxed trouser, a leather midi or a contrasting texture for depth.

What I love most about Witchery is its honesty - Classic lines, simple silhouettes and great fabrication. Witchery's collections are considered investment pieces and classics that make for a well curated wardrobe. Her pieces are executed with impeccable fabrication and tell a story of a quiet luxury, a subtle confidence and a tailored sophistication.

Photographer: Pieter de Jager

As a brand Witchery feels refined, unfussy and sophisticated much like my own style which is classic and simple. I gravitate to pieces that are timeless and elegant, simplicity can be bold and empowering too. It's how you feel in a garment and how it sits on your body that empowers me, a bit like armour. How you style items and put them together allows every outfit to tell a story.

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